Corbett Redford, director of the new documentary "Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" and one half of the musical duo, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits stops by 3 Gigs and shares how the Bay Area was once filled with Marijuana and Funk metal, and how he either played his the first show at a sandwich shop or between sets with Papa Roach. He shares what it was like playing wherever you could to reach people, the crazy genre hybrid bands of the 90s, the unique qualities of the San Francisco Bay Area Punk Scene with it’s mixing of cultures and multiple cities…opening up for Negativeland and having to convince them Bobby Joe Ebola wasn’t a real band. The creation of “irratainment” and having issues trying to play good shows in a particular town in Oregon. Check it out HERE


Bay Area punk rock drummer Kevin McCracken stops by 3 Gigs and talks about singing for his first band ever and not being able to face the audience, the developing early days of the Santa Rosa and north bay punk scene, the "peanut butter sandwich" thing, the evolving punk scene and how social media has effected communication, how the punk rock community has influenced his business model at Social Imprints, the politics of punk rock and Siren, making your show an event, and reuniting Siren to perform a memorial for a mentor and friend, and how confrontations with local extremist vegans while on tour can lead to a very uncomfortable show. Check it out HERE


Rikki Stixx from The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, and The Darts talks about starting a band and doing it for yourself, and how everyone else can suck it. Accepting that everyone is terrible at first and the impact of social media on new musicians! The Two Tens opening for her husband’s band, The Sonics. Being part of a power drummer couple. How special The Dollyrots are. The Darts against the world. Stephen King tweeting about your band. Getting stranded in the mountains during a white out blizzard. Saved by two random teens in flip flops and what it was like being a high school teacher with a rock n roll secret. Check it out HERE


This week we sit down with Rafer Rawb, a Happy Hardcore DJ from San Francisco, who tells us about the days of being down to play in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Getting cut short at a Santa Cruz Houka Bar, his love affair with Happy Hardcore, learning the ropes of being a DJ, and finally performing side by side with his mentor and hero. Learning to read the crowd, feeling the vibe and creating a story, and a drug related gang turf war in Gult, CA. Check it out HERE


Andy Pohl, owner of Sell The Heart Records and member of Snipers visits 3 Gigs and talks about building the courage to perform for the first time, terrible clothing choices, having your heroes love your band, local music scene politics, an in-depth look at the art of starting a new band, how to pick bands for your label, and strange things afoot in Madera, Ca.
Check it out HERE


Episode 9 has gone live! Sisters Gwendolyn & Lucy Giles of the band DOG PARTY take a quick moment right before their spring break tour to tell us about opening for Agent Orange at a smelly dive bar show as 4th and 6th graders, seeing people mosh for the first time, performing with your siblings, the search for an instrument that doesn’t involve the mouth, falling in love with thunderous beats, the life changing suggestion to actually play together, the hunt for a band name, touring stadiums with Green Day, playing different size crowds, merch table dynamics, no one knowing who you are, being lectured before playing a church show, and being paid a penny per person at a show,  guys being rude at shows, people quantifying their compliments and being creepers. It's a pretty hilarious episode! Check it out HERE


Music Journalist Rae Alexandra tells us about convent school girls, epic hair metal, spontaneous trips to Southampton Tanning Salon punk shows, the tiniest dance floor in the world, and reading the meanest review ever of the worst show ever in London, England. A fantastic episode! You must hear it to believe it! Check it out HERE


Episode 7 is up and we talk to Rob Black from Tail Light Rebellion about the two books he’s writing, how the modern scene is stronger than ever, touring as a two piece, not being into punk and playing in a jazz funk swing band, only to still get complaints for being too loud, playing last at a Vermont Bluegrass Festival, drinking moonshine on stage, performing for more people then you think you are, the weirdest show ever in Houston, and the second largest Raggedy Anne Doll Collection in Texas. Check it out HERE


YOU: Hey Dominic, how come you never play the whole song from the musical guest on your show 3 GIGS, you just talk over it?

ME: Thank you for asking imaginary internet listener example! Well, I figure there are lots of places to just listen to the songs in full, and I wanted to keep my show about the stories and not a regular radio show. You should check out this very website to see live videos of the bands performing or check out the new SPOTIFY 3 GIGS PLAYLIST OF AWESOME I created so you can hear songs from all of our guests! Each week I'll update it so it's current! Sometimes I may not have that EXACT song, but I'll try to make sure there is something up! Give it a follow!

YOU: WOW! Now we know!

ME: ...and KNOWING is half the battle! YO JOE!
(*grabs a rope ladder thrown down by a G.I.Joe Tomahawk, and flies away to have cookies at The Pit and figure out how to stop C.O.B.R.A.*)

A huge thank you to Tiffany Rubenstein for the idea!



In episode 6 of 3 Gigs, we talk to Adam Davis, vocalist of Gnarboots and guitarist for DESA and Link 80, and hear his stories about 'Wortstock’ Barn shows in Gilroy, CA, accidentally being invited to teenage house shows, a moment that it all comes together in Switzerland and all that’s left of the show is a poster in the kitchen, when security storms the stage to perform themselves, chugging half & half while sweaty, random homeless guest musicians, memorial shows for an iPod, the art of purposefully getting a negative reaction out of your own audience, boycotting the headliners of your own show, getting banned from clubs, and trying to destroy Dominic’s bass amp.


In today's episode, I speak to Chris Shearer from Build Them To Break just before their west coast dates, we hear about Canadian shows, being forced to play last, rolling around in glass, playing marathons first thing in the morning in front of fully naked people, forgetting half the drum set for a college show, and playing a church when Satan is clearly on your side.


I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their overwhelming support of 3 Gigs. It means the world. The daily downloads are FAR beyond what I expected for the show, and for most of the first week, we cracked the Top 100 Music Podcasts on iTunes (That's why I'm always asking for reviews and ratings! haha)...and that's pretty exciting considering I had no expectations for what would happen when we launched. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm thrilled you are enjoying the show. We have lots of great stories coming, and we can't wait for you to hear them. We are just getting started!

See you on Monday with Episode 5


We spoke to Jen Razavi and Poli Van Dam from The Bombpops while they were on tour driving through the deserts of Arizona, just after a late night in Las Vegas (are there any other kind of nights in Vegas?), but they still rallied and told us all about playing a High School Battle of the Bands, and then ruining that High School Battle of the Bands forever! Las Vegas adventures, playing in the middle of nowhere, legendary punk houses, European shows, drunken turtles, and rallying from a hang-over by showtime.

Our 4th and final episode of the week, we hope you enjoyed our blitzkrieg bop week! From now on we will be updating new episodes every Monday, though you can probably hear them here most of the time on Sunday nights! Next week we talk to Chris Shearer of the band Build Them To Break before they head out on their west coast tour! Don't miss it! 


We catch Jay Northington, the vocalist and guitarist for the band Nothington while he's in an Uber just before his European tour to support his brand new album "In The End" on Red Scare, but he finds time to tell us stories about 4th Grade Talent shows, Nothington headlining their first show ever, the 10th anniversary show for Red Scare Industries, what it’s like when your father finally gets it, the bittersweet memories of lost friends, band members pitching off limit tents in the middle of clubs, and how even the worst show can end up restoring your faith in humanity.  

We have one more episode to add this week, tomorrow we add our interview with Jen Razavi & Poli Van Dam from The Bombpops, who we caught while they were on tour!  Then we'll be updating new episodes on a weekly basis starting on Monday! 



The second episode is now up, and today we sit down with Aixa Vilar, drummer for Go Betty Go. A Los Angeles, California pop punk band who recently came back to life and are currently touring behind their latest EP, "Reboot". On today's episode of 3 Gigs, hear about 10 year old birthday parties, Miguel's Hell House, musical workshops for Japanese exchange students, the changing music scene, and how no matter how long you've been a band, the worst show can happen at any time.

It's a great episode! Enjoy!

Enjoy! 2 more episodes coming this week! Tomorrow we talk to Jay Northington (Nothington) and on Thursday we talk to Jen Razavi & Poli Van Dam (The Bombpops). Two bands who recently released albums in the last few months and are currently touring to support them! Don't miss it! 

The first episode is LIVE! Check out our episodes page where we sit down with Joe Escalante, bassist for the legendary Orange County punk band The Vandals! Enjoy the episode, he has some fantastic stories!  

Find out about Escalante's rockabilly past, how The Vandals got their start, the glory of European squats, and military mosh pits! Also how one of the best shows ever ruined Europe for The Vandals, and why bands should avoid Cleveland, Ohio.  If you are a Vandals fan, you'll love this. 

Remember this week we are posting 4 episodes total before going to a weekly schedule! So enjoy our episode today, and we'll see you tomorrow! 



To celebrate the launch of 3 GIGS we are going to release 4 episodes each day next week starting Monday, March 13th! 

We are very excited to announce that the first four episodes on 3 GIGS are:

1. Joe Escalante, Bassist of The Vandals
2. Aixa Vilar, Drummer of Go Betty Go
3. Jay Northington, Vocalist/Guitarist of Nothington
4. Jen Razavi & Poli Van Dam, Vocalists/Guitarists of The Bombpops


The first episode will go live on Monday, March 13th!  Soooooon!


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