3 gigs is a podcast that shares the story of the three most profound shows
in an artists life.


The first show. The best show. The worst show.
These three shows are the moments that help define a
performers life and career.
The moment you began. The moment it all comes together.
The moment it all fell apart.

The stories of these shows become the stuff of legend. Told over and over again after shows in vans, buses, and green rooms in venues big and small across the globe. 

3 GIGS is a weekly podcast that shares the backstage
folklore of performers everywhere.
The moments that define us as performers.
The moments we never forget.

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                                                                                                                             photo by Amber Mannon

                                                                                                                             photo by Amber Mannon

dominic davi

Dominic is the writer, host, and producer of 3 GIGS, as well as the founder and bassist for the punk band TSUNAMI BOMB. He is also the author and artist for the comic series Greenteeth and it's prequel Come Find Me. Dominic has always had a deep love of stories. Some of his favorite moments from his career is the moments after the shows where bands sit down and exchange tales of the many shows they've played. 3 GIGS is a way to share those moments and the stories with everyone. 

Dominic lives Oakland, CA. with his collection of oddities, where he draws and writes songs constantly while occasionally binging on new video games, old books, good comics, dinosaur facts, nature documentaries, and horror films. You can follow him on his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and learn more about him on his website.